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Startup Weekend in Ann Arbor, MI, June 20-22


StartupWeekend.comOn June 20-22, in Ann Arbor, MI, StartupWeekend.com will host a gathering of entrepreneurs, techies, project managers, business managers, cooks (gotta eat!), and all manner of people to come together and try to build a commercially viable business around an idea - in 54 hours.

The format:

06/20 - Participants pitch ideas and vote for which ones to pursue; teams created
06/21 - Design, code, code, code
06/22 - Code, code code; at midnight, release prototype

Beyond creating a business, the real purpose of the event is to get passionate and skilled people together to have fun and network.

I would love to meet anyone from the SQLServerCentral.com community who lives in the area (or who makes the commute from afar) and would be interested in this kind of thing! Anyone (literally, anyone) can come and participate in any capacity they would like.

I will be there as a backend developer/architect, my wife will be there as a project manager, and some of my coworkers will be there in some development capacity.

Prior events (in six different states) have apparently been very successful and garnered bona fide media attention.

There is a nominal registration fee that I think simply covers rental of the space (Libery Square, downtown Ann Arbor) and some food.

Sign up at:


You can find more general information about the events at:


It will be an amazing experience. I hope to see you there!


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