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As I work with a particular topic or problem, I often research on the Internet

different opinions, white papers, etc. Here is a list of resources that are located both

on SQL Server Central and other sites that I have found useful.

Online Resources - General

SQL Server 7INF: Enabling SQL DMO Clients Without Installing the Client Side Utilities (Q248241)Want a DMO app without client utilities? This shows how.

Online Resources - VB

MSDN - Developing SQL-DMO Applications Using Visual BasicA series of articles on using VB to develop DMO solutions.
Introduction to SQL-DMOAn introduction to DMO written by Andy Warren of SQLServerCentral. This provides the basics of what you need to start building a SQL-DMO solution.
Using SQL-DMO to execute a jobA method of using DMO to run scheduled jobs.
HOWTO: Using SQL DMO to Print Date in Regional Format (Q220918)Interesting article on changing date formatting.

Online Resources - VC++

MSDN - Developing SQL-DMO Applications Using C or C++An overview of the C++ DMO section on MSDN. I'm not a VC++ guru, but this seems to provide a good basic overview of developing a VC++ DMO solution.


SQL Server 7FIX: SQL-DMO Operations on SQL Server 7.0 Uses More Memory (Q225501)You may have memory issues on SQL 7.
SQL Server 7 and 2000BUG: SQL-DMO Treats Shutdown Message from SQL Server as Error Condition After Shutdown Method Runs (Q272145)Using shutdown may cause some errors in DMO.
SQL Server 2000FIX: The SQL-DMO Transfer Method Silently Fails to Copy All Data (Q300195)Problems when transferring data using DMO.
SQL Server 2000FIX: SQL DMO's SQLBackup Method Fails with Error Message 3206 (Q308789)DMO is adding brackets to the backup command, which results in a syntax error.
SQL Server 7FIX: Script Generation Using SQL-DMO Results in Database Name That Is Too Long (Q281137)Database creation using DMO may fail because of space padding of the db name.
SQL Server 7BUG: SQL Enterprise Manager Generates SQL-DMO Error for DBO Updating Permissions (Q229052)Getting the "need to be logged in as 'sa' error?
SQL Server 7 and 2000FIX: Invoking SQL-DMO Methods By Using "By Reference" Parameters May Cause a Memory Leak (Q293636)A memory leak in applications that use By Reference parameters.
SQL Server 2000FIX: Objects May Fail to Retain Quoted Identifier Setting When You Use SQL-DMO to Create or Alter Objects (Q306334)If you manipulate objects, your quoted identifier setting may not be respected.
SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 7PRB: Errors When You Redistribute SQL Server 2000 DMO Clients in SQL Server 7.0 Environment (Q295026)Additional DLLs are included with 2000. May cause issues with some clients.
SQL Server 7, MSDE 1.0FIX: DMO Transfer Methods Does Not Do Code Page Conversion (Q236868)Differentiating code pages may cause issues.
SQL Server 7FIX: DMO ExecuteWithResults Fails with Decimal Data (Q257515)Retrieving a recordset that has five (5) or more columns through the ExecuteWithResults SQL Distributed Management Objects (DMO) method may fail if the datatype of any of the columns is money or decimal/numeric with a scale of 1 or greater.
SQL Server 6.5, 7, and 2000BUG: ExecuteWithResultsAndMessages2 Does Not Return Results (Q279514)When called from Microsoft Visual Basic Script (VBScript), the ExecuteWithResultsAndMessages2 method does not return results.


NOT RECOMMENDEDProfessional SQL Server 7.0 Development Using SQL-DMO, SQL-NS & DTSNot that I often disparage a book, but DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. It is a waste of $$.


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