Introduction to SQL-DMO

  • This article is really helpful. Many of my doubts cleared.

    Those who know more abt this topis mail to me.

    Muhamed Niyas C

  • Don't know how I didn't spot this article first time round! Great. Made me believe I can start fiddling around with the SQL Server object quite readily, and achieve some very useful tasks with only a few lines of code.

    Neat and tidy. Tidy and neat.

  • Nice Article..Very Helpful

      I have a small doubt regarding the 'Print' Option provided in the article..I created a SQL DTS Package with an ActiveX Script Task(With a Print Statement).Then I scheduled this package..But after running the job, I am not able to see the Printed Value in the Job History..

    Please help me if any one knows why...

  • Again, a very useful article.

    One thing which may be of use:

    If you use WScript.Echo in aVBS file, then when the script is run by double clicking, then you get a Message Box, but if you run from the command prompt using cscript (eg "cscript script.vbs") then you get a printed line.

  • This is in fact very usefull.  However, it is very hard to find others who have implemented DMO via C# instead of VB.  I just finished an application that uses DMO via C# and it was absolutely painfull trying to figure out how to implement objects because there are no examples.  Perhaps we can expect to see more C#-DMO soon?



  • I liked the article. We'll see how much I actually understood when I start messin' 'round with it.

    We have met the enemy and he is us.

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