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SQL Mail Resources


As I work with a particular topic or problem, I often research on the Internet

different opinions, white papers, etc. Here is a list of resources that are located both

on SQL Server Central and other sites that I have found useful.

These resources deal with SQL Mail. I see lots of questions on this topic and try to update this page as a central resource for people.

Setup / Installation

INF: How to Configure SQL Mail (Q263556)Shows setup using either Exchange or an Internet Mail server.
HOW TO: Send E-Mail from SQL Server Without Using SQL Mailte
Setup Lotus Notes with SQL MailA procedure (untested) for using Lotus Notes as the mail server.


INF: Troubleshooting SQLMail with Microsoft Exchange Server (Q153159)A good place to start for issues.
PRB: SQLMail Always Saves Sent Mail with Exchange Client (Q153676)SQLMail is saving messages even when the "save sent items" is not checked. Applies to SQL 7.x and prior.
FIX: SQLMail Incorrectly Uses Default Mail Profile (Q291273)Fixed in SP1. SQLMail using the default profile rather than the configured profile.
FIX: SQL Mail 2000 Needs Microsoft Outlook 2000 Client (Q281293)A bug if you upgrade from SQL 7 and are using Outlook 97/98
PRB: SQLMail Functions Hang on MAPI Error (Q136869)If a MAPI error presents a dialog box, SQL Mail will hang.
http://support.microsoft.com/directory/article.asp?ID=KB;EN-US;Q300385A bug exists when making a query that requires deep traversals of folders.
PRB: SQLMail Is Not Supported When You Run the Server in Fiber Mode (Q308604)Check this if you are running in fiber mode.
FIX: Sending Open Files as Attachment in SQL Mail Fails with Error 18025 (Q274330)Don't send open files. If you are having problems sending attachments, read this.
PRB: xp_sendmail Using a Microsoft Exchange 2000 Mailbox Fails with Mail Error 0x80004005 or 0x80007005 (Q293422)For those running Exchange 2000.
FIX: SQL Agent Mail May Cause E-mail to Be Written to Root Directory of Source Mailbox (Q308758)Fixed in SP2

Linking Exchange to SQL

OLE DB Provider for ExchangeSetting up the Exchange provider as a linked server.

User Experiences

A bug with Exchange 2000Acknowledged by MS. Strange problem, as yet unresolved.
CDONTS Email from SQL*ServerA thread showing how to send email using CDO/CDONTS.
Updating the FROM value from SQL Mails.Misconfiguration issue. Read about it.


SQL Server 2000 Administrator's Companion


Got a resource? Send it to me. I hope to keep this up to date over time.

As always, I welcome feedback for this article (use the 'Your Opinion' tab below) and please take

the time to rate this article.

Steve Jones

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