SQL Mail Resources


SQL Mail Resources


As I work with a particular topic or problem, I often research on the Internet

different opinions, white papers, etc. Here is a list of resources that are located both

on SQL Server Central and other sites that I have found useful.

These resources deal with SQL Mail. I see lots of questions on this topic and try to update this page as a central resource for people.

Setup / Installation

Title Notes
INF: How to Configure SQL Mail (Q263556) Shows setup using either Exchange or an Internet Mail server.
HOW TO: Send E-Mail from SQL Server Without Using SQL Mail te
Setup Lotus Notes with SQL Mail A procedure (untested) for using Lotus Notes as the mail server.


Title Notes
INF: Troubleshooting SQLMail with Microsoft Exchange Server (Q153159) A good place to start for issues.
PRB: SQLMail Always Saves Sent Mail with Exchange Client (Q153676) SQLMail is saving messages even when the "save sent items" is not checked. Applies to SQL 7.x and prior.
FIX: SQLMail Incorrectly Uses Default Mail Profile (Q291273) Fixed in SP1. SQLMail using the default profile rather than the configured profile.
FIX: SQL Mail 2000 Needs Microsoft Outlook 2000 Client (Q281293) A bug if you upgrade from SQL 7 and are using Outlook 97/98
PRB: SQLMail Functions Hang on MAPI Error (Q136869) If a MAPI error presents a dialog box, SQL Mail will hang.
http://support.microsoft.com/directory/article.asp?ID=KB;EN-US;Q300385 A bug exists when making a query that requires deep traversals of folders.
PRB: SQLMail Is Not Supported When You Run the Server in Fiber Mode (Q308604) Check this if you are running in fiber mode.
FIX: Sending Open Files as Attachment in SQL Mail Fails with Error 18025 (Q274330) Don't send open files. If you are having problems sending attachments, read this.
PRB: xp_sendmail Using a Microsoft Exchange 2000 Mailbox Fails with Mail Error 0x80004005 or 0x80007005 (Q293422) For those running Exchange 2000.
FIX: SQL Agent Mail May Cause E-mail to Be Written to Root Directory of Source Mailbox (Q308758) Fixed in SP2

Linking Exchange to SQL

Title Notes
OLE DB Provider for Exchange Setting up the Exchange provider as a linked server.

User Experiences

Title Notes
A bug with Exchange 2000 Acknowledged by MS. Strange problem, as yet unresolved.
CDONTS Email from SQL*Server A thread showing how to send email using CDO/CDONTS.
Updating the FROM value from SQL Mails. Misconfiguration issue. Read about it.


SQL Server 2000 Administrator's Companion


Got a resource? Send it to me. I hope to keep this up to date over time.

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