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  • Great collection of resources! Any chance of putting out an "all encompassing" list of resources for various issues? The rest of us could suggest a link or 2 and SSCentral could have a page listing them all.

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    Be great!

  • Thanks, and actually I've got about 8 of these on all different topics. I've been compiling them over the last 3-4 months and will be releasing them one by one. Please recommend links if you have them, I'm sure I'm missing some.

    Steve Jones


  • One other email package I have used is aspemail (www.aspemail.com).

    This email package is free (if you don't want to use the premium features), and needs a smtp server which doesn't have to sit on the Sql Server.

    But it does use the sp_OA stored procedures.

    There smaple stored procedure can be found at




  • Well, now the next logical thing I would think then is can we add a link submission area Steve, browkn down into specific areas of relationship like your article basically is.

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  • It's coming. I've got 2 more resource pages coming in the next few weeks and 4-5 more on the way. they will all get moved to resource pages eventually, but we want to control the content somewhat do they do not get too diluted.

    Steve Jones


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