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Redgate Streamed: Embracing technology trends for database success

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Innovating in the database is crucial for success, and we’re seeing new trends impact the database, like cloud migration, SRE, and the growing need for big data and tools to support growing estates. On 23 June, Redgate Streamed brings you organizations who have implemented these database technology trends, including speakers from Google, Microsoft, and AWS, who will share their success stories and tips for embracing technology changes.


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Database DevOps: 10 Trends for 2021

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What do you think the top 10 Database DevOps trends in 2021 are? Redgate has condensed 3,200 survey responses from IT professionals worldwide into a handy infographic. Discover insights such as the top challenge in improving software delivery performance and the correlation between DevOps adoption and high-performing teams.


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DevOps as a bludgeon

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With both personal experience and the real world evidence to back it up, Grant Fritchey says, unequivocally, a well-implemented DevOps process helps the organization. But it's not always easy to bridge a siloed organization, and sometimes organizations adopt DevOps for the wrong reasons.



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