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Database DevOps: 10 Trends for 2021

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What do you think the top 10 Database DevOps trends in 2021 are? Redgate has condensed 3,200 survey responses from IT professionals worldwide into a handy infographic. Discover insights such as the top challenge in improving software delivery performance and the correlation between DevOps adoption and high-performing teams.


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DevOps as a bludgeon

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With both personal experience and the real world evidence to back it up, Grant Fritchey says, unequivocally, a well-implemented DevOps process helps the organization. But it's not always easy to bridge a siloed organization, and sometimes organizations adopt DevOps for the wrong reasons.



MVP No more, But It’s OK


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A New Word: Fitching


fitching – v. intr. compulsively turning away from works of art you find frustratingly,...

Copilot in Microsoft Fabric


Microsoft Copilot is an app that uses AI to help you find information, create content,...

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