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Becoming Kristyna Ferris <3


Hey folks, fun personal post today. A few weeks ago, I got married! My...

What I Love About My Job


In June this year I took redundancy from the company I’d worked at for...

TryHackMe Advent of Cyber


I posted that I was thinking about the AdventOfCode this year, but wasn’t sure...

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Ola hallengren backup not deleting old backup files for SQL 2016 Clusters


Ola hallengren stopped deleting older files for SQL Server 2016 which are on cluster....

converting date

By juliava

cast(DATEADD(DAY, case when j1 is null then 0 else j1 end, j_date) as date)...

Create a new SQL DB then copy tables and data from MS Access DB

By hex226

Hi, I'm looking for some advice and to find out if the following is...

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