Drop all Connections from a Database

On development servers, at times there is a need for dropping and renaming database(s). These scripts can be used for achieving these tasks. The usp_DropDB script will kill the connections to the database and then drop the database. It takes care of the space in the database name, if any and also makes sure that […]

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Quickly Enable/Disable Triggers and Constraints

When loading data, nothing can be more frustrating than having to deal with stubborn constraints and triggers. This is especially true when you know your data is fine but the constraints are too prohibitive for a mass initial load. Here's a technique I use to disable the constraints and triggers temporarily during a mass load. […]

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Transaction log Information gathering


Here are the different ways to know the tlog file related information sys.dm_db_log_stats –...

What's New in SQL 2019? at BRSSUG


Thanks to everyone who joined the BRSSUG for a night all about SQL Server...

Data Lake Architecture using Delta Lake, Databricks and ADLS Gen2 Part 3


This is the third post in a series about modern Data Lake Architecture where...

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