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Invalid SKU Error when Adding a Node to a SQL 2008 Cluster


When you use the GUI to add a node to an existing SQL Server 2008 Cluster you get an Invalid SKU error without any details on how to troubleshoot it.

It's been reported to Microsoft that this is a bug and it should be corrected in the next release or maybe they will come up with some type of hotfix.

SQL Server 2008 Failover cluster installation works a little different than in previous versions (2005 and earlier). In SQL 2008 you first have to install the cluster in one (Active) node then you need to do the installation in the other nodes separately.

In Order to get around the "Invalid SKU" error you need to add the node by performing an installation using the command prompt bypassing the GUI.

Here are the Steps:

1) Open a Command Window

2) Change Directory to where your installation Files are at.

3) Paste the Code and hit Enter.




Notice that my code I am passing parameters for Analysis Services and Integration Services Accounts and password; that is because I am also installing Analysis Services and Integrations Services; so if you are not installing those you do not need to pass those parameters.


/q = Silent or Quite mode. This will not display the GUI; However if you still want to use the GUI along with the Command prompt you can omit this parameter, but you will have to Click Next on the GUI. It still will work.


Well, good luck guys. Hope it helps.

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/SQLSVCACCOUNT="<Domain\Account>" /SQLSVCPASSWORD="<Password>" 
/AGTSVCACCOUNT="<Domain/Account>", /AGTSVCPASSWORD="<Password>" 


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