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  • Is there a requirement to use per processor for a sql2k failover cluster installation? I understand the active/passive peice... I just can't find any reference to being able to use CALs for clustering.

    I'm going to recommend against it but I want to cover the bases.

  • Good question. I'm not sure. Everything I've seen on CALs is based on the types of connections. If you're completely internal, I don't think that you need to buy per CPU licenses.

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  • hello, i have something to ask...

    Our company is planning to migrate to VB.net and database to SQL Server. (our system and database currently is VFP). We are in outsourcing business and one of our service is installing a program in client's workstation. This program is a clone of our main program that would generate reports for them. We update the data by sending them the dbf every now and then. Now if we migrate to Vb.net and sql server, (1.) do we need also to install sql server to our clients so that we can still give them a program that would generate reports for them????.(2.) do we need to purchase cals for every client(as now, we have over 100 clients) (3.) Could anyone give me an idea or link or anything that would help me understand how VB.net and sql will work together?? and lastly (4.) any tips for a newbie like me hehe thx in advance

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