Initial Installation of the Production Database

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  • We have a similar testing methodology but also have UAT (User Acceptance Testing). This keeps the end user involved in the system that they are going to have inflicted on them. Keeping the end users happy is very important to the success of any project even if they have little decision making authority.

    We also have a written installation tick list to follow during installation. This is written at a level that surviving brain donors could use.

    We rehearse the installation and this has a test plan as unit test, factory test stage as well.

    We don't put anything on a floppy disk because not all servers have floppy disks. Also, CD-ROMs are used as hand-over items to our clients that contain documentation, testing information etc.

    I don't use command line scripts via osql, but this is ignorance rather than apathy. I would like to do this but I'm not au fait with error trapping in such scripts.

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