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Review of Lumigent Entegra

We've been trying to catch up on reviews lately, Hai was kind enough to give Entegra a try and report back on it. The basic concept is that it lets you do extensive auditing without having to add triggers. If you're trying to find an auditing solution, this is worth considering.

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Regular Expression Library

This isn't a SQL site nor can you easily do regular expressions from SQL. That said, sometimes regular expressions are EXACTLY what you need to solve a problem. The downside? They're tricky! This is a great resource to pass on to your development team.


The Importance of Patch Management to Avoid Downtime


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Synapse Analytics History I

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Synapse Analytics History I

Before Synapse Analytics was a service in Azure, what was the name of the analytic data warehouse platform in the Azure cloud?

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