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  • RE: Active Directory Query

    Note that there is a resultset size threshold (normally 5000) on LDAP queries, set at the domain level. If you have more users, the OPENROWSET part of the query will always...

  • RE: DTS error

    I don't think that the Local System account is part of the Everyone group.

    The Local Sytem account is not a "regular user" and has no user profile; therefore it cannot see mapped drives. If your...

  • RE: Query Analyzer


    You can avoid losing unsaved queries by clearing the checkbox "Do not prompt for unsaved files on closure" in the QA options

  • RE: ActiveX...Help Please

    Re. Excel and NULL values, this might be of use:

  • RE: DRI or No DRI?

    I agree with Mark that there seems to be some confusion between DRI and cascading RI

  • RE: DTS doesn''''t run in a Job

    Is your customer's db in a different domain? If so, you may have an account impersonation issue

  • RE: An Introduction to Test Driven Development

    This "simple" example of an uppercase stored proc is a very good choice for another reason: testing just one string will not be enough. A company with users in more...

  • RE: Who''s Responsible for Training?

    I work for a large company that does managed services for clients mainly in the UK

    Most of my studies these days are to keep my Microsoft certifications (MCSD, MCDBA) up...

  • RE: Special Characters in SQL Servers

    If you are formatting HTML, try using § instead of §. See

    Also, check out BOL topic "Generate SQL Script", about saving a Query Analyzer script as unicode



  • RE: A Career Poll

    My first real exposure to databases was around 2002 as a programmer on a project using VB6 with SQL Server 7. I was very much at the GUI end of...

  • RE: SED and the Big Bad UNIX File

    Thanks for a helpful article - and all the replies with other utilities and work-rounds. My favourite text editor is Notepad2.

    I would like to make a suggestion: although it is nice to...

  • RE: First Poll for 2006

    Thanks for starting this collection! Here are some of my favourites:

    If you're not aware that you have a problem, how can you call for help?

    Eternity is really long, especially near...

  • RE: Outer Join Trouble

    I often fall for this kind of problem too! It is one of the reasons I am now much more cautious with outer joins. I now also try much harder...

  • RE: Single View

    Getting a single view of people is also a problem for oursourcing companies, especially when they manage only part of the customer's estate.

    We spend a lot of time and effort to...

  • RE: Database Diagrams


    I have not done this myself, but perhaps these links may help to get you started:

    How to automate Visio with Visual Basic .NET;EN-US;305199

    I think you will have to do...

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 60 total)