DTS doesn''t run in a Job

  • Hi everyone!

    I have created a DTS to update a table in the costumers DB in our website SQL Server.

    Firs i delete * from tblSyncClientes (on website), then copy * from my local table to tblSyncClientes, update tblClientes(on website) from tblSyncClientes, add new entries and im done.

    When i go to Local Packages on my local server and right click the package ->execute package, it works just fine! But when i program this packages it fails , the server event viewer just informs me that the job fails...no other details.

    Does anyone have an idea what could i be doing wrong??

    Thanks in advance!!

    Saludos desde Guadalajara, tierra del tequila!!!

  • Edit the DTS package and turn on package logging.

    Then after the package is executed you can view the log by right clicking the package -> Package Logs...


    Colt 45 - the original point and click interface

  • Seems that package log only works for SQL Server 2000, im running SQL 7 , thanks anyway!

  • DTS packages in scheduled jobs often fail because of security.  A package in a job executes using the security context of the login that SQL Server Agent run under.  I suggest you use the search function on this site to look for "DTS job" and look at the numerous threads dealing with this.



  • Thanks! I've been reading in the forum threads and i also think its a security issue. I havent got over it, but i'll keep on trying.

    Hasta luego!

  • Ok, you can still capture some of the DTS output by specifying an output file on the advanced tab of the job step.


    Colt 45 - the original point and click interface

  • Is your customer's db in a different domain? If so, you may have an account impersonation issue

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