Special Characters in SQL Servers

  • On some server I execute a script in which I use a special Character '§' .So If execute the script through QUERY ANALYSER it is replaced by another one. But If Copy the Script through Enterprise Manager.It works fine


    Please tell me the method to overcome this problem through my script coz I am not allowed to change server settings.



  • i generally use the following format

    declare @strsql navarchar(2000)

    set @strsql=' select abc,def,ghi,'''+chr(99)+''' from mytable

    exec (@strsql)

    i con't remember if its chr or char as i'm away from my BOL at the moment, but it seems to work nicely in all applications


  • The problem is that when I execute the following script in SQL Query Analyser


    set @NewLetterText = replace(@NewLetterText,'<SPAN id=§' + cast(@mLetterFieldID as varchar) + '§ hideFocus contentEditable=false unselectable=''ON'' ATOMICSELECTION=''true''>','')


    It replace the ''§'' into "%" . But If i Copy the code into SQL enterprise manager it works fine.



    I want to know is there any statement in SQL like we set NO Count On or ANSI Null .


  • If you are formatting HTML, try using § instead of §. See http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/00a7/index.htm

    Also, check out BOL topic "Generate SQL Script", about saving a Query Analyzer script as unicode



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