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  • RE: Divide and Conquer

    It seems to me that schemas need to be part of the initial database design and will be used mainly for larger databases that need a formal design phase.


  • RE: sql server 2008r2

    What were you trying to do at the time?

    If it was when opening a file, then read on:

    I used to get this a lot when running SSMS via "Run...

  • RE: Budget for Training

    I took a slightly different route. After a few basic HowTo exercises from the Web I worked my way through "Windows PowerShell in Action" and found it very enjoyable. Of...

  • RE: Document First, Code Later

    Producing and refining a mock UI up front is invaluable, but be careful to manage user expectations. For many users the UI is the application and they may not understand...

  • RE: How to change SQL Server Collation

    For a single database this codeproject solution (updated for SQL 2005) may still be worth a look:

  • RE: Passed My Exam

    Of course we care - well done!

  • RE: Negotiating Your Raise Before Your Annual Review

    sturner (5/24/2011)

    I don't understand the meaning of mediocre and always put for forth 110% ... and yes, I'm worth more than 5%.... anytime anywhere.

    I admire your self-confidence but (with apologies...

  • RE: Leanring from Experts

    My "aha" moments don't usually come from my colleagues, but rather from various gurus out here in internet-land

    Same here. As a "lone developer" I value sites like SqlServerCentral and StackOverflow...

  • RE: Does a development DBA need to learn language. ?

    PowerShell is built on top of the .NET framework. I expect that Powershell will take off as a management tool / API of choice for managing SQL Server, in the...

  • RE: Table Defaults

    Apart from creation dates, I tend to use default constraints for bit flags, like this:

    Active bit NOT NULL DEFAULT 1

    When used in this way, a new record begins life as an...

  • RE: The $10,000 Cert

    I can see one possible benefit of the MCA program:

    With the release of Visual Studio 2005 Mcrosoft is has begun to address the development of enterprise-level applications and systems. No doubt...

  • RE: The Scobleizer

    Check this out:

  • RE: Adversity

    After several redundancies in the eighties I decided to strictly separate my social life from my work life, in order to provide continuity in one while coping with problems in...

  • RE: The Arms Race

    Same here. I dont mind ads as such, but for me personally anything that moves/flashes completely dominates everything else on a page - just as if someone is screaming into my ears....

  • RE: A Lack of Data

    I agree with Simon Monk.

    "I was a little afraid of making waves"

    Very quietly a line has now been crossed, from trust to fear.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 59 total)