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  • Reply To: IT Staffer Fired

    "If you have a privileged account, you better be really careful about opening any attachments from email."

    It may be a better practice to not use the privileged account for email...

  • RE: Import and Export Data Package

    Sue_H - Monday, March 19, 2018 11:23 AM

    You should be able to connect Object Explorer to Integration Services in SSMS -...

  • RE: Questioning the Interviewer

    ... each of us wants a job, needs to get a job, and don't want to do anything that might jeopardize our chances. However taking a job that's a bad...

  • RE: To Infinity and Beyond

    Just a few hundred years ago people thought it was dangerous to hop on a wind-driven ship with sails in hopes of making it to the "new world" in a...

  • RE: Learning to Search

    Just yesterday, I was trying to find objects that referenced certain text. Here's an example of what I used.

    Use AdventureWorks2014;


    SCHEMA_NAME(O.SCHEMA_ID) As [Schema...

  • RE: Stats_date()

    Thanks for the question and particularly the title. 😉

  • RE: The Counter Offer - Part 2

    Jack Corbett (9/21/2015)

    ... Even though I'm considered a permanent FTE by HR, I consider myself a contractor with benefits. They can get rid of me whenever...

  • RE: The Counter Offer - Part 2

    The counter offer decision has become very easy for me. I never take it. In over 30 years of experience and many moves, I've always been better off...

  • RE: Should Salary Information Be Confidential?

    A good question to ask during an interview – when was the most recent salary analysis done for the position in the local market? That may give you information, leverage,...

  • RE: What Not To Say

    Company X has offered me $yyyyy. Will you match it?

    ... "No one wants to be put in a corner, and I would be likely to let you move on if...

  • RE: How Virtualized?

    8 years ago we were 100% physical SQL servers. Now we are 100% virtual. The performance of our applications running on the virtual SQL servers is measurably better today.


  • RE: Find Stored Procedures and Functions That Reference Certain Tables

    Thanks for the script.

    There is also a point-and-click method by right-clicking a table in SSMS and selecting View Dependencies.


  • RE: Are There That Many GUIDs?

    Yet Another DBA (3/26/2015)


    If the GUIDs make life for the developer easier and less bug prone then good, as long as the performance is good enough with some leeway for...

  • RE: Are There That Many GUIDs?

    In my more than 3 decades of database design, development, and administration I have never used GUIDs in any of my systems. I did have this debate with a...

  • RE: Not Again!

    I got it right but I don't think Steve got the answer to his question.

    Steve asked the simplest request: how many users on the website?

    I would interpret that question to...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 203 total)