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  • Reply To: More Linux than Windows

    I've been in both worlds for a while. Most of my work is Windows based, while most of my home and hobbies are Linux based.

    Each has it's strengths and weakness....

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  • Reply To: New role using Postgres

    When you are saying "Use the IDE", are you speaking of the psql CLI or pgadmin 4 web interface?

    When using psql, the best bet is to print the help on...

  • RE: The Start of 2019

    All of my old Windows workstations and laptops inherited from work get Linux installed on them, then I do virtual machines and containers from there. 

    With .NET Core...

  • RE: Looking Forward to 2019


    More design and coding, less meetings and admin. More OSS, less commercial software. Less sitting and more hikes. More math, less television.

  • RE: Is Forgiveness Possible?

    Not always. Some behaviors are unforgivable by mortals.

    The director in question is deplorable in actions and deeds. He joins a whole host of others including many other...

  • RE: The Hybrid Cloud

    I was really enamored with Azure as a service last week.  :Whistling:

  • RE: 'Comedy Limited' with SQL Server

    Microsoft has a history of issues with delimited file parsers which they they don't bother fixing since everybody codes work-arounds to correct the issues.

    I wish they would take...

  • RE: The Worst Day

    I'm not sure any of my worst days at work involved databases outside of getting caught in a layoff or two.

    One of my first jobs was working...

  • RE: Unwired for Weeks

    GeorgeCopeland - Thursday, August 9, 2018 7:18 AM

    We are not saving babies!

    There are systems that need to stay up. Try not using...

  • RE: Unwired for Weeks

    Much of the pressure we feel with deadlines at work is arbitrarily imposed. Whether we do it to ourselves or someone else picks a datetime, there isn't any rationale...

  • RE: When someone asks you what you do for work, how do you answer?

    I am a data sanitation specialist.

  • RE: Reading Through the Logs

    Steve Jones - SSC Editor - Tuesday, May 8, 2018 8:37 AM

    jay-h - Tuesday, May 8, 2018...

  • RE: Reading Through the Logs

    I read through a lot of various transaction logs from various financial and other systems. It's really easy to make assumptions,mistakes and underestimate the complexity of business and real world environments....

  • RE: Would You Move to Linux for Price?

    SQL Server on Linux isn't a factor. If you can afford a SQL Server license, you can afford a Windows license and enjoy all the tools an utilities designed for the...

  • RE: Machine Learning Challenges

    Machine learning has it's limitations. There was a recent article on how a single bad pixel "broke" the training on a program designed to recognize images. Then there's the Google...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 651 total)