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  • I've come from a background using SSMS and Teradata.  I haven't used Postgres before, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good training to learn the IDE.  For basic such as copying results and saving queries etc.....


    I'm going through some pluralsight training but it's only focusing on the SQL select statements, stuff I already have a strong understanding of.  Thanks in advance.

    Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 - Certified

  • When you are saying "Use the IDE", are you speaking of the psql CLI or pgadmin 4 web interface?

    When using psql, the best bet is to print the help on the commands out, or find one of the tutorials or "cheat sheets" on the internet. It's obtuse to a beginner.

    pgadmin 4 is temperamental if you have to set it up from scratch on Linux, but it's fairly easy to figure out if you read the docs or have used a similar GUI.

    An alternative GUI is DBeaver. It handles more RDBMS and other data sources than others, there is a free community version and it's cross platform.

    One thing to watch for is that Postgres has a slightly different SQL dialect than T-SQL. It's ANSI, but things are different in places.

    A good basic book is "Practical SQL" by Anthony DeBarros. May be too elementary, but you will noticed the differences. And cool features.

  • Try, it has free products, including

    "EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL Freeware is a free database tool designed to help DBA effectively manage PostgreSQL environment. The program provides powerful capabilities for PostgreSQL server administration."


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