When someone asks you what you do for work, how do you answer?

  • I just simply put it to them that I'm a "computer doctor".  When they ask to expand, then I can do it gradually testing the person questioning to understand how much they know about the variety of different computing environments (infrastructures, architectures) their purpose(s), etc.  Continue w/"I'm a small scale and larger scale computer systems doctor" lol, etc

  • I am a data sanitation specialist.

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  • I typically tell people I'm like a computer engineer, but my title on paper is data architect so I work with mostly data. Then I follow it up with the industry, which is I work in the advertising space with one of the largest advertisers in the world.

    I think architect is easy to follow for everyone. They normally just don't know how that applies to data outside of it just sounding boring to them. I try not to explain. It almost always leads to me talking about some of the cool clients we work with and explaining how ads work on the interwebs as well how we can do all the crazy things with ads like retargeting them across platforms etc.

  • Generally I just tell people I'm a database admin.  If they ask what that is, I give them the nickel answer of "you know sites like Amazon and such?  I manage the database on the backend that store all that data."  Of course, I also made clear I don't work for Amazon...

    Although, I may to some extent, even if it's longer, start using this description for sysadmins:
    (Shamelessly stolen from /r/sysadmin)

    I've finally figured out what, in my opinion, is the bestway to describe to friends and family, what being an IT Professional is like.


    Peter Stromare's character "Lev" from Armageddon(1998).


    If you don't recall, he's the Russian Cosmonaut who runsa space station that the American's need to refuel on as they travel towardsthe asteroid. Anyways, I've always love this character, almost like we had aconnection.. and it finally dawned on me:


    He's isolated, for years, in his own space station.

    He's kind of crazy. Like, "5 cups of Coffee stayedup all night working on DNS records" kind of crazy..

    He's often forgotten, but in a time of crisis, iscritically important.

    Dumb people walk in, messing his shit up.

    He's ornery and yells.

    He wants no one to touch his systems.

    Those systems he's created work, but man, are they janky.

    He's cynical, but willing.. "Eh, chances are, thiswon't work, but let's do it anyways"

    As he hurtles over the Asteroid with Bennifer and MichaelClarke Duncan (RIP), all he wants is for once, to be recognized as a hero.

    He hits broken things with a wrench to fix them, becausesometimes.. well, it works. ("American stuff, Russian stuff, IT'S ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!!!"while beating on it with a wrench)

    He saves the day (three times) and is a damn survivor!

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