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  • RE: Mixed R vectors

    Interesting question, learn something new.
    But the real question is Steve are you saying that Towel is the ultimate question?

  • RE: What's an assert?

    And now for something completely different. Nice question Steve

  • RE: Only Use My Application

    Very good question. Very clear when I read it. Learnt something new as well.

  • RE: Super Grand Total MDX

    Good question, I haven't done any MDX so interesting to read the link.


  • RE: Testing values in R

    Yes good question. Something new. Thanks Steve.

  • RE: Decimal Data Type

    Very interesting question. Thanks for the link as well.

  • RE: Minimal Config Restrictions

    Happy Easter Steve,

    I would just like to say that you and all the guys at SQL Server Central do a great job. I look forward to the question...

  • RE: True and False in R

    Technically the answer x <- "True" is also correct as you never said that you want the boolean value of True to be stored and this is a valid string...

  • RE: Cycling the error log

    Yes I think you should have said you can restart SQL Server instead of Must restart otherwise this implies it is the only option.

    Nice question to think about....

  • RE: displaying 2 values when field same

    From the code provided, after the table name is the alias so below the table stop is following by sPU which is now the alias which will .


  • RE: displaying 2 values when field same

    sPU and sSO are aliases for the table Stop so that we can link to this table twice once (alias of sPU) to get the value for the Pickup City...

  • RE: displaying 2 values when field same

    I think you will need to join on the stop table twice once for the stop_type of PU and once for the stop_type of SO. Something like below:

  • RE: Start Running R Scripts

    According to this link Using R Code in Transact-SQL you must have access to an instance of SQL Server where R Services is already installed. So I thought that your...

  • RE: CPU Limits

    Don't like your answer today. The question was which of these is a poor purchasing decision for a dedicated SQL Server machine?
    Not as the answer suggests what...

  • RE: Finding Triggers

    Not used Instead of Triggers but from the little I have read it looks like these replace the normal Insert, Update, Delete triggers. If so would these be included in...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)