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  • RE: Adding in Server to From statement on the fly

    You could make a view with all 4 queries "union all"-ed together and add a derived column for the database name, that way you can just do your query and...

  • RE: Clustered indexes

    Nadrek (5/6/2010)

    This is basically a difference in terminology, and Microsoft's BOL entry is badly written.

    So, we have a table, with pages, and a clustered index:

    Page 1 contains a-b

    Page 2 contains...

  • RE: Clustered indexes

    The part of me ready for trick questions missed the part about NCL having CL pointers in the IX pages. I thought "well, only the leaf level pages have...

  • RE: SQL 2005 (Legacy) DTS Packages Not Showing Up

    That did it. I was assuming migration meant simply moving. As it turns out, I converted to a SSIS package. I did export/import and that took care...

  • RE: Knowledge Level for Articles

    Steve Jones - Editor (9/28/2008)

    I'm not sure how well this would work. It's one thing when someone intentionally writes for a level, which is what MSDN does, but another when...

  • RE: Poor Performance After Updating Statistics SQL 2005

    RockStar (6/10/2008)

    Wondering if anyone has seen a significant degradation in query performance after updating stats in SQL 2005?

    I recently did a reorg of indexes and update to stats...

  • RE: Conditional update advice

    Hey Matt,

    Have you considered updating all columns at once?

    [font="System"]UPDATE Vids

    SET CategoryID = COALESCE(@CategoryID, CategoryID),

    VidFileName = COALESCE(@VidFileName, VidFileName),


    WHERE VidID = @VidID[/font]



  • RE: SQL Server Express DAC

    mtassin (4/24/2008)

    We can always rewrite the question.

    Does Windows XP by default come with Exchange Installed?

    A. Yes

    B. No

    C. If you install Windows 2003 Server over it and then install Exchange

    I give...

  • RE: Multiple Personality

    Or do we just concede to Intel and it's imitator AMD?

    I would like to ask Steve who made the x64 instruction set that everything is moving to in the...

  • RE: A Failed Jobs Monitoring System

    Good points about the job failure logic. In general, if we ever have a job that fails and then sends a failure notification, we have that job step exit...

  • RE: SQL 2005 Database Design

    Hey Dave,

    Grant has a good point about not guaranteeing referential integrity. The extra columns you have are purely auditing columns. If you removed them, you wouldn't know who...

  • RE: A Failed Jobs Monitoring System

    Interesting solutions. For large environments, enterprise monitoring software is very useful. Our environment has 200+ SQL instances and we use NetIQ. We finished up a project that...

  • RE: Cannot Edit Jobs from SSMS

    Hey Jeff,

    Would it be possible to post the specific error as well? If there is no error, is there anything else that you find odd or notable?



  • RE: Convert Function?

    Hey Molly,

    I would use the convert function as you suggested, but you would not want to use INT. You will want to use the decimal data type. Depending...

  • RE: Retrieving connection database name that I am currently running a statement on.

    You are very close.

    [font="System"]declare @current_db sysname;

    set @current_db = db_name();

    select 'The current DB is ' + @current_db;[/font]



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 84 total)