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  • RE: CONTAINS() function generates crash dump file

    Found the issue and fixed it.

    It was a corrupt ResourceDB database.  It's not one I had a backup of.  I had another server at the same build and...

  • RE: The COUNT Function in T-SQL

    You could have also included the over clause in those count examples, e.g.


  • RE: T-SQL

    the answer is only correct when using SqlServer 2012 and above. Previous versions prompt an error.

  • RE: Updaing using ROW_NUMBER()

    Thank you for the quick response. The example you provided works great. So I've tweaked it to update my test table which has about 2.5million rows. It's...

  • RE: My SQL Server Database is Corrupt - Now What?!

    Failover, Restore and Repair

    I think one has been forgotten, and it's one that's not to be taken likely because you have to know your data. This method is Reconstruction.


  • RE: Code Page issues perhaps?

    I found some info on the Latin Small Ligature œ in books on-line and it appears to be conversion issue with sql colations and code pages. Seeing as I...

  • RE: The Chance of Failure

    I think Dinosaur comics summed up failure best with

    Failure: it's just success rounded down

    which is a healthy way to look at it.

  • RE: Call in the Experts

    I had exactly the same problem with my network card on my home pc last month. It had somehow been configured to auto negotiate at 100mbps. The internet...

  • RE: extact last 3 characters from a string

    how about...

    DECLARE @string VARCHAR(20)

    SELECT @string = 'ABC DEFGH'

    select @string = replace(@string,' ','')

    select @string = substring ( @string, 1,(len(@string)-3)) + ' ' +

    substring ( @string, (len(@string)-2),3 )

    select @string

  • RE: Music for DBAs

    Document - Assemblage23

    Circle of the Tyrants - Celtic Frost

    White Room - Cream

    Looking for Strange - KMFDM

    Stalkers - Mind.In.A.Box.

    Be The Hero - O.S.I.

    Travel - The Gathering

    Fearless - VNV Nation

    One Day Remains...

  • RE: extact last 3 characters from a string

    you could try this, it's a bit crude but works...

    declare @string varchar(50)

    SET @string = 'ABCDEFGHIJ123'

    select reverse ( substring ( reverse ( @string ) , 1 , 3 ) )

  • RE: My Projects Have Never Failed

    Saying a project is a success just because you did everything that was asked of you is arrogant. Saying that your work/ development & implentation of the specification on...

  • RE: Append a 3 digit number


    I'm sure there's a better way of doing this using joins but this is all I can come up with for now:

    set nocount on

    create table #test1 (accno varchar(50))

    create table #test2...

  • RE: BCP

    You could record a macro in excel to load up all of the files into worksheets and then have it save the completed spready. That way, you can run...

  • RE: xp_cmdshell

    missed that one Mark, quite right too.

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