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  • rwb1912


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    Hi Steve,

    I fully agree with you. Having started my IT carreer in the late 80's, things have changed drastically from the days where a manual consisted of a 100 pages and you were expected and could do most of the common tasks. We've come a long way since those days and each particular area has become a speciality in it's own right. I pride myself in knowing a lot about quite a few aspects in our field, especially around SQL Server, but I also know when I need to call on someone else's expertise to get the job done. The time constraints around the projects we deliver and the complexity of the tasks don't allow us the time to do everything ourselves anymore.


  • P Jones


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    I fully agree with you and often take advantage of working in the same open plan office as the network guys and active directory and exchange experts to wander across and ask something. It works both ways and results in a good team.

  • paul.knibbs


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    Sometimes there's nobody to ask, though. I work for a small company that has only 3 IT people, and not all of us have the same level of expertise in all areas. It means things are rarely dull because you're having to wear so many hats, but it also means that often the only recourse when you encounter a problem you've not met before is to rely on your Google-fu to find the solution...or call the software vendor!

  • Dugi


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    This is the true story where all of us can learn that you cannot know everything, otherwise you will know nothing at all!

    So doing SOS to the the people who can help, is very nice idea if you really have the right person where to ask for help! I had many situation like this with my friends and all what we do for each-other were very welcome and we learned from each-other about potential issues!


  • OCTom


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    Getting help may not mean getting it from a person.It may mean visiting sites such as SSC.

    The key is to know when to do that.

  • Dugi


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    OCTom (12/23/2010)

    Getting help may not mean getting it from a person.It may mean visiting sites such as SSC.

    The key is to know when to do that.

    Then the SSC is the Expert...!


  • bwillsie-842793

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    When I got back into IT 3 years ago after a 6 year hiatus I quickly discovered I stood no chance of knowing everything I htought I needed to and keeping up with the changes.

    I now put the # 1 priority on keeping my "I don't know, but I'll find out" promises, #2 on deciding whether I need to know it or leave it to an expert, #3 priority on knowing where to get the expert or find information, and #4 on reading/learning everything I can in well focused areas.

    #1 keeps people happy, #2 #3 and #4 helps me cut down on stupid mistakes.


    Right there with Babe

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    I had exactly the same problem with my network card on my home pc last month. It had somehow been configured to auto negotiate at 100mbps. The internet was practically unusable and I spent ages checking for spyware/malware etc, put a support call into my isp as I suspected it was their end. I'd booted into windows and ubuntu and got the same slow network speeds. It wasn't until I started diagnosing stuff with my hiren's boot cd that I noticed it was set to auto-negotiate and remembered that, at work, we set all servers explicitly to full duplex as auto negotiate causes issues. Set the card to 10mbps and it worked like a charm.

    Little details like that can be very frustrating to find & resolve but then again rewarding when you do find a fix.


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    You should know the limits of your knowledge

    I think that is a great place to start. Knowing what you don't know and being copacetic with calling somebody who may know something better than you is the mark of a professional.

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