Code Page issues perhaps?

  • Hi Folks,

    I have a problem with the pound striling symbol '£' in my ssis packages that produce text files in that it is prodcing a œ symbol instead.

    If I run the following query at command line level:

    isql -S{servername} -E -Q"select '£'" -o c:\temp\pound.txt

    it will produce a text file with a symbol in it. If I view that text file in notepad it shows up as œ

    whereas if I view it at the command line with "type c:\temp\pound.txt" I get



    (1 row affected) how do I resolve this and get it to show £ in notepad. I haven't had much luck googling so far.

    thanks in advance.


  • I found some info on the Latin Small Ligature œ in books on-line and it appears to be conversion issue with sql colations and code pages. Seeing as I cannot edit my code pages as I do not have an XP installation disk to do so I've had to find another suitable work round. so problem fixed as far as I'm concerned.

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