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  • Reply To: Staying Safe when Traveling

    Thanks for that posting - it was a good reminder that we have to be more cautious and less trusting when traveling. I'd like to thing everyone is as nice...

  • Reply To: Cranky Curmudgeons

    Get off my lawn.

  • Reply To: The Other Jobs

    LadyRuna's non-technical jobs.

    High school / college age:

    • Retail job at Cotton Pickin' Ts - selling t-shirts, applying iron transfers to t-shirts
    • Order puller / stock girl at Cotton Pickin' Ts...
  • RE: Finding the Substring

    Fun question... of course, now I've got a certain song stuck in my head. ....thanks for the earworm, @steve-2

  • RE: Considering Other Views

    Screen resolution is definitely an issue in many cases. I've also had the experience of dealing with certain applications which when scaled to 125% became completely unusable (labels overlapped fields...

  • RE: Abolish Disjointed Time

    I'm so happy I moved to Arizona. Arizona doesn't meddle with its clocks so now I no longer have to deal with the silliness of adjusting all my clocks twice...

  • RE: Presentations that are Easy on the Eyes

    peter.row - Friday, June 2, 2017 2:16 AM

    "Have you ever watched a movie with dark scenes and been sitting half way back...

  • RE: Email or Username

    I prefer using a username for logins rather than email because emails can be changed - company is bought out and they switch to new domain, you move to a...

  • RE: Write to File

    You can also modify the script to loop through rows in a temp table (selected as a single long concatenated string into the @Text variable) and repeatedly call the "writeLine"...

  • RE: IFF - 1

    Agreed. The question should have specified collation (or at least whether or not the collation was case-sensitive) since that would change whether or not 'r' = 'R'.... 🙂

  • RE: Why SQL Server?

    I wound up going to SQL Server by "upgrading" from MS Access. After our MS Access application grew beyond a certain size (I forgot what that size was, but it...

  • RE: Employer asking for Social Media login?

    Interviewers (at least in the US) are NOT allowed to ask you for your:

    * marital status

    * religion

    * age

    * sexual orientation

    - all of which are available in your facebook...

  • RE: Statistics - 3

    Thanks for posting this! I'd been hoping that there was a secret way of forcing SQL to automatically update stats more frequently. Our usual solution has always been to create...

  • RE: Commenting in Dynamic query

    Am I using an odd version of SQL?

    My results were:

    (1 row(s) affected)

    Msg 2812, Level 16, State 62, Line 14

    Could not find stored procedure 'select * from #tmp -- where...

  • RE: Never, Ever Use Clustered Indexes

    I believe the rule regarding indexes (clustered or not) is the infamous "It Depends".... because your choice of indexing style really does depend upon how you're planning to access your...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)