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  • RE: Mobile Password Protection

    From examining several phones belonging to various people, I have determined that the "fingerswipe password" is essentially useless as security. It can perhaps prevent someone from accidentally opening your phone...

  • RE: A Personality Test

    I'm a silver Mercedes Benz 600 Limousine. Elegant and stately. 😉

    ( )

    Currently we own a silver 2008 Mercedes Benz E320 Diesel and a black 2005...

  • RE: A demo about the power of powershell

    Thanks for posting a basic Powershell article. Most Powershell articles I've read assume that I already know most of how it works - but I don't because I haven't started...

  • RE: Understanding and Using APPLY (Part 2)

    The only thing not mentioned, or emphasized in this is the performance of using APPL.

    For tiny databases / small result sets, this is awesome. For large result sets, it's terrible....

  • RE: New Year's Eve Query

    Happy New Year !

    Let's celebrate the beginning of (hopefully) a far better year. May all your backups and DBCC checkdb results be excellent. 😀

  • RE: All I want for Christmas

    12-needle embroidery machine, and a bottle of Haut-Brion. 😀

    Heck, I'd settle for some fun SQL Tools that monitor performance and can generate an impressive amount of test data that's...

  • RE: Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas to my #SQLFamily!

    Reindeer steaks are delicious, though they're very difficult to find in the we'll have a nice beef steak and a stellar wine for our...

  • RE: IT staff would rather pocket $100k than blast off into space

    Definitely the trip to space for me 🙂

    Taking the cash is a bad plan because the government will steal about 60% of it in the form of taxes....

  • RE: Query Plan Execution Order

    I got it right, but only because I've read Grant Fritchey's book about execution plans. 🙂

  • RE: Which Versions of SQL Server Do You Have?

    I'm in Tech support, so I have to work with a variety of versions: we have customers on SQL2000, SQL2005, SQL 2008 + SQL 2008 R2 (and all patch levels...

  • RE: Geeky Distractions

    Try watching some old SF from the late '60s / early '70s - series like

    Blake's 7

    Space 1999


    Also consider attending a steampunk convention or anime convention or SF convention - there...

  • RE: Preventing usage of "SELECT *..."

    I have a practical example of where "Select *" fails:

    Our product has a VIEW called "Customerz" defined as "SELECT * FROM CustomerTable" (view & table name changed to...

  • RE: Put Your Thinking Caps On

    Dear Santa,

    I've been a good little girl and having SQL Monitor and a spiffy iPad would really make my year.


    I've left a bottle of 2005 Chateau-Neuf-du-Pape, a clean glass,...

  • RE: Coding With Music

    I don't listen to music when I work because

    (1) headphones hurt my ears after the first 15 minutes

    (2) If I do try to listen to music, I spend...

  • RE: 100 Years Ago, What Would You Be?

    I'd likely give Coco Chanel some serious competition!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 38 total)