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  • RE: SET the results

    Good Question.
    I was thinking to myself that not enough information was provided about the table structure to answer - since there is no guaranteed order, but we know how...

  • RE: Calculating the Tally

    SELECT X.Person, SUM(X.NetBeerCount) as NetBeerTotal
    FROM (    SELECT OwedTo as Person, Beer as NetBeerCount FROM myBeers WHERE EarnedDate < GETDATE()
            UNION ALL
            SELECT OwedBy, Beer * -1 FROM myBeers WHERE EarnedDate...

  • RE: What's in your CLR?

    When SQLCLR first came on the scene we used it to proof of concept some generic auditing and encryption / decryption. However, we went different directions with both. The only...

  • RE: How do you come up with creative ideas?

    It depends on the turn around time, but I have used all of the methods outlined. One not mentioned that I have also used is to have a couple different...

  • RE: Null Defaults

    NULL is my go to default for representing "Unknown" or "Missing". I cannot think of a time when doing OLTP where I ever needed to use a magic value to...

  • RE: Logical processors

    Still a decent question as I had to look up the difference in the editions.

    I learned something from that and the the comments in the post.

    Thank you for submitting it.

  • RE: Where's the Unit Testing?

    I use SSDT in visual studio for database projects and I use the built in test tooling for automated unit testing.

    It has a nice SQL syntax wrapper over the...

  • RE: Data Conversion Transformation

    Got me on this one.

    I need to play with SSIS in 2016.

    I just guessed that the truncation would work similar to previous versions and throw an error unless you...

  • RE: Querying linked servers

    And if you have a linked server connecting to Oracle

    CREATE SYNONYM [dbo].[TestSynonym] FOR [TestLinkedServer]..[Workspace].[TableName]


  • RE: More GROUP BY

    I think with the current data model and lack of constraints you would actually want both.

    WHERE Played = 'Rock' OR Played = 'Paper' OR Played = 'Scissors'

    GROUP BY Person HAVING...

  • RE: Stupid SSIS Question, I Need Help!

    When you installed SQL Server 2014 you had the option to install SSIS as a component.

    If you want to run SSIS packages / projects on your server then you will...

  • RE: Custom Schemas

    We typically use schemas to separate application object / process areas






    REPORT (app specific)


    We also use a CUSTOM schema for customer's to add their own objects, such as views so that...

  • RE: Software Estimates

    robert.sterbal 56890 (9/1/2015)

    Again, is there any data to back up any of these statements about programmers, doctors, lawyers, etc?

    To backup which statements? That estimates are bad?




    You should be able to...

  • RE: Software Estimates

    Steve Jones - SSC Editor (9/1/2015)

    Yes, very true. We need to deal with it. I think we also need to set better expectations, as well as perform better.

    We do ask...

  • RE: Software Estimates

    I think changing scope and situations occur in every industry and the entire reason we are paid is because as professionals we deal with it.

    When you are billing time and...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 141 total)