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  • RE: Data across different data centers

    For something like this I would recommend you hire a consulting company.




    I am sure other posters could offer many other options as well.

  • RE: Best design for OLTP tables

    I am curious of what the default fill factor of this database was since the question was about the speed of inserts and I would think that would have a...

  • RE: Exit Lines

    The best line I saw was my friend Lana who asked in her exit email if HR would finally let her know how she scored on her interview assessment tests...

  • RE: The Rename Game

    It depends on the business value and cost.

    Typically I do not like to rename things once they are shipped to production even with the ease of SSDT to refactor. Primarily...

  • RE: SSMS or SSDT

    I use both.

    I have SSMS open constantly for ad-hoc queries and research.

    Most of my development is done inside SSDT however.

  • RE: The Worst Comments

    I typically do not mind general comments as if someone pseudo coded a general approach and then wrote their code (at least they thought about it first).

    However, the comments I...


    I think this really depends on the assumptions made.

    If I assume the code is as given then neither would be the option I would go with since the table variable...

  • RE: Filegroup for indexes

    Good question.

    Thank you for the explanation.

  • RE: A New Look

    I like the overall design and the editorial at the top.

    However, the content is sailing down the middle of a sea of white space.

    The ratio of 1/3 content to 2/3...

  • RE: Early Software

    I remember having a speech synthesis program on my commodor 64 (named SAM I think). That got me hooked.

    My brother and I would have graph paper everywhere plotting out sounds...

  • RE: HAS_ACCESS help

    sturner (11/18/2010)

    I'm not sure what you mean by this: "now I want to call the server and get the user database returned as one that the login has access...

  • RE: HAS_ACCESS help

    I am just trying to get a list of user databases that the login has access to.

    They are db_datareader and db_datawriter on the user database.

    HAS_ACCESS returns a 0 unless I...

  • RE: Proper Design pattern for Multiuser Handling (Concurrency)

    The checksum and timestamps techniques described above can help you stop concurrency issues.

    If you are going to allow the updates and just want to be able to look at them...

  • RE: Check Certain ansi settings

    I still have not managed to find a way in profiler to come up with how sql is checking the ansi setting conditions.

    If anyone comes across a solution to check...

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 141 total)