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  • RE: Easy Listening

    Loreena McKinnet - Live From Paris & Toronto

    Les Miserables - Original Cast 10th Anniversary

  • RE: SQL 2005 Standard Edition Memory Management

    I believe with standard edition sql 2005 you will be limited to 3gb of memory.

    summary of my understanding:

    32 bit system can use 4gb by default. (2gb to usr applications 2gb...

  • RE: select count(distinct col) with nulls

    other than setting ansi warnings off

    I believe the only way is to modify your application code

    select count(distinct col1) from testing_bug where col1 is not null


    or in 2005 using TRY CATCH

  • RE: Stored procedure / case

    you could also do something like this...

    update table

    set field1 = CASE

  • RE: Query design help needed!

    A couple ways to do this.

    With CTE...

    WITH ReturnDetailsFor (db1, dc1, OriginalDate)







    FROM [T1]

    WHERE ([date1] IN ('2006-09-01','2006-10-01','2006-11-01','2006-12-01')) 

         AND ([dc1] IN ('A1', 'b1','C1','D1','E1'))




    FROM [T1] t1

    JOIN ReturnDetailsFor RDF ON...

  • RE: Unable to Add New Line Character in SQLServer 2005 Reporting Services

    Try something like this.

    =Fields!addresslineone.Value &


    NOT ISNOTHING(Fields!addresslinetwo.Value), chr(13) & CHR(10) & Fields!addresslinetwo.Value, "") &


    NOT ISNOTHING(Fields!addresslinethree.Value), chr(13) & CHR(10) & Fields!addresslinethree.Value,

Viewing 6 posts - 136 through 141 (of 141 total)