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  • RE: SSIS File Exists Over Range of Time

    I believe you can use the FileInfo.OpenWrite() method to check if the file is avaialbe for opening to write (assuming that you will not be able to if something else...

  • RE: SQL Profanities

    A couple of thoughts sprung to my mind when reading Phil Factors reply to this editorial.

    First was a design philosphy I always try to follow, which is to think re-usable....

  • RE: A Good Case For Reference

    Hi Steve,

    Your road trip application would be an interesting use of a genetic algorithm, which has been used before to solve 'travelling salesman' type. As I am sure you know,...

  • RE: A Quick Count

    SQL Server, err.. none

    I do have a Marconi Software Solutions shirt (the company ceased to exist when Marconi rationalised), and an Oracle CRM 11i shirt, and an ErWin baseball cap.


  • RE: How Hard is Search?

    Hi Steve,

    I agree totally, Microsoft haven't quite got their heads around search tools yet. They had a really nice little tool called LookOut, which was supplied as an unsupported add-on for Outlook....

  • RE: The Cult of Mediocrity

    Reading through all these posts I suddenly realised that my signature tag-line probably gives some idea of my personal attitude to taking risk. In fact, it is a simplification, I...

  • RE: The Cult of Mediocrity


    an interesting article. I have worked for a very large (now much smaller) electronics company where as I.T. consultants we were encouraged to 'challenge the business' both internally and with...

  • RE: Bring back the GOOF Button

    About 10 years ago I did a CA-Unicenter Systems Management and Service Desk implementation for a firm who's network ops centre was in Watford. The operations monitoring suite consisted of...

  • RE: Bring back the GOOF Button


    some sort of electronic link between the cost of your query plan and mains power supply?


  • RE: transaction log backup maintenances plan failed suddenly


    unable to see the event log error image you have posted, can you reproduce it as text within a message please. Meanwhile, speculating on what you are saying...

    If the job...

  • RE: altered proc, but old version is showing up on sql monitor?

    This sounds like one of those wonderful computing moments when reality fails to live up to expectations.

    I usually find in these cases that...

  • RE: difference between stored proc and functions?


    I use UDFs and stored procedures. For me the most important things that determine whether I use a UDF or a procedure are that:

    UDFs cannot use non-deterministic built-in functions such...

  • RE: Ordering Rows using a column value


    on my browser your post appears inside the one posted by kangarolf

    How did you do that, some clever fiddletrickery with the frames?


    Ooer.. this...

  • RE: Ordering Rows using a column value


    I am not sure if this helps, because it may not be what you are trying to achieve, but I was wondering if, rather than store the value in the...

  • RE: A Cool Perk


    when I first started work in IT, I worked for a University in the UK which had previously been a polytechnic (a local governement vocational HE college). Because we had...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 235 total)