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  • RE: SSIS Deployment

    That is exactly what I was asking in the first post. 🙂

    So, instead of running this statement to import the .ispac file:

    Set @ProjectBinary = (SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET(BULK 'MyProj.ispac', SINGLE_BLOB)...

  • RE: SSIS Deployment

    We do not have to get any data to & from this server. It's an isolated environment. It's an ETL package which will transport data from a transaction to a...

  • RE: Linked Server performance post-migration

    For those interested, we've managed to solve our problem. 🙂

    To explain the scenario in detail...

    Server A pulls data from Server B via linked server.

    Server A upgraded to SQL 2014. Compatibility...

  • RE: Linked Server performance post-migration

    Oh yes! 🙂

    The recompile of the objects sorted that out.

  • RE: Managing Registered Servers

    I agree with that.

    Two problems though...

    1. It's a VIRTUAL environment which assigns IPs dynamically. We use this for development & not for production.

    2. I'm not in control of this environment.

  • RE: Do nothing in a sql statement--help

    Forgive me for being simple... LOL! Had to read the question a couple of times, but, isn't it easier just to do the following? Or did I miss the question...

  • RE: Cant install SQL Server Management Studio Installation on XP

    Also make sure that you have no other Beta or CTP versions of SQL 2005 installed on the laptop... That includes the .Net 2.0 framework as well.

  • RE: Delete TOP acting strange...

    Yes, when I substitute the @Batch variable with a static amount, the delete flies. But, hardcoding values also has it's dark side. Maintaining a code base which archives over 500...

  • RE: Delete TOP acting strange...

    Well, the table I'm deleting from currently contains +-150 million records... Every archive cycle extracts anything from 1 to 35000 records at a time (2000 in a batch). The archive...

  • RE: Algorithm For Email

    I have been using this constraint on one of my tables & no issues...

    ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TableName]


    CONSTRAINT [EmailValidator]



    CHARINDEX(' ',LTRIM(RTRIM([ColumnName]))) = 0 -- No embedded spaces

    AND LEFT(LTRIM([ColumnName]),1)...

  • RE: Encryption ? Where is the protection ?

    The caller must have some permission on the key, and must not have been denied VIEW permission on the key. Additional requirements vary, depending on the decryption mechanism:


  • RE: Running rskeymgmt silently

    Hi there,

    I have the same issue... Only I'm trying to automate the backup of the encryption key, but how to force the backup without having to type in the confirmation??



    Hi there,

    I run this SP on our production servers... Create the SP in your master database & just specify the dbname you want to re-index.


    ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[p_ReIndexing] (

    @dbname varchar(50)




  • RE: SQL 2000 Logins to SQL 2005

    Was this NT users or SQL standard logins?

  • RE: Comparing Third party backup tools

    Give or take a GB or two, Red-Gate SQLBackup gives us about the same figures...

    Does SQLSafe allow you to restore single objects as to the whole database? I know SQL...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)