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It's Memorial Day next week in the US, and it's a holiday for many people. It's a day that most people spend with their families, hanging out, maybe taking a short holiday, maybe BBQ'ing in the back yard, something that celebrates the start of warm weather and time off.  I'm sure other countries have similar holidays as well.

With that in mind, for a Friday poll that has nothing to do with SQL Server, technology, or work, I wanted to ask:

What's a good day off for you?

What would you do on a day off from work, a holiday that shortens your week and doesn't have any set celebration like Christmas or New Years.

I'm actually not sure what I'll be doing. There is a Boy Scout event Monday, a remembrance for soldiers in the US with a flag ceremony and I might go to that with my son. Otherwise I think I'll be relaxing around the ranch, doing chores. I have a lot of grass to cut, fences to fix, and things to paint. I might also try to spend a little time woodworking as I have a few projects going on now.

It should be a nice relaxing day for me. At least I hope so though I never know what might come up around here.

So let us know what you enjoy doing on a day off.

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