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I think I'm about halfway through my work career, having worked a little over 20 years since I finished college, and about 20 left to go until retirement.  That's if I ever retire. Right now I'm not sure what I'd do, or even if I want to retire.

I have learned a lot about many things in my time working for various companies, and I've learned a lot about myself as well. I've made good and bad choices, and I don't think I have many regrets about my decisions. I think all of them have helped me to either succeed directly, or learn what not to do and succeed indirectly.

For this Friday's poll, I'm looking back my career and ask you to do the same. Inspired by a few of the blogging "tags" that I've seen asking people to think about their careers, I'm asking you:

What's something you wish you could have done differently in your career?

I'm not necessarily looking for regrets here, or mistakes, but I'd like to know if there's a different path you wish you had taken. Or something that you think would have helped you if you had done it differently.

It's hard for me to really come up with a different job I wish I'd taken. My career has worked out well, and so I think I've made good choices. I also wonder if I'd made different choices to become more successful along the way, would that have led me down a much different path?

The one thing that I think I'd have liked to have done is started writing earlier in my career. I've really enjoyed it and it's one of the things that I most appreciate about my career. Perhaps if I'd have done a little more writing when I was younger we'd all have an "Inside SQL Server - The Jones Edition" on our bookshelves.

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