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  • Heh... I had to look what "time off" meant.... didn't actually know those two words could be used together like that. 😛

    What's a good day off for you?

    There's another couple of words (day off) I didn't know you could use together. :hehe: Now that I know what it means, I'd have to say "any I can get especially with pay.". 😀

    --Jeff Moden

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  • Monday is the spring bank holiday in the UK and schools' half term break is timed to fit this, so much of the country is taking a short break away from work, apart from those in the leisure or retail industries, for whom it is a busy time.

    Personally I usually go off to a sailing event where we camp and socialise and sail with a bunch of like-minded friends. It's energentic if it is windy, more relaxed in light airs but great fun.

    Breaks like this are essential to our well-being so turn off the mobile, get disconnected and enjoy a rest.

  • Over the Spring Bank Holiday (Whatever happned to calling it Whitsun) I'll be out on my bike, getting muddy - probably over at Cannock Chase - but possiby somewhere more distant. If its really hot and sunny - making energetic cycling too uncomfortable - I have the option of helping out my dad at the River Avon locks at Pershore - Requirements beer and a deck chair. 😀

  • I don't get time off this weekend...

    I'm decorating the house

  • Time to enjoy the wonderful aspects of home and family.

  • day off = going horse racing. No Question!

  • Assuming that weather and personal obligations permit, it's fly fishing a local stream, or sipping whiskey and/or beer with friends while something cooks on the grill. 😎 Maybe even run a few miles. 😀

    Best regards,

    Dave Fulton

  • I'm actually going to work some Monday, it'll be quiet with most everyone else gone. Then I'll relax for the rest of the day; try to remember those who gave their lives for our country.

  • I'll be doing a LITTLE work around the house, taking a few naps, and watching my daughter march in the Memorial Day parade.

  • For me a long weekend means two very important things. First of all I have a VERY large smoker that gets fired up over this holiday weekend most years. I usually throw on about a dozen or so slabs of ribs, a couple pork shoulders for pulled pork and a couple of briskets. The other all important relaxing activity is "sawdust therapy". I too am a woodworker and enjoy countless hours puttering around my shop (and occasionally I even get something done). 😉


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  • Grilling burgers, yard work, biking, long avoided projects, visiting friends and family.

    But most important, taking time on Monday to remember our veterans.

  • Steve,

    I find it very sad that your description of Memorial Day, "something that celebrates the start of warm weather and time off," is all that Memorial Day means to most citizens of the United States now. Memorial Day is supposed to be a remembrance of those who died while defending the United States. I'm glad that you do plan to attend the flag ceremony with your sons. I hope you'll take your daughter, too.

    While I have no problem with taking a day to relax, barbeque, and spend time with friends and family, I hope more people will at least give a passing thought to what the holiday is really about.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Steve Eckhart

    Steve Eckhart

  • I'm also working on Monday, but I'll will be taking the following Friday off and that will give me some time to catch up on small projects around the house.

  • I'm counting on the rest of you to be barbecuing and puttering around your houses, 'cause we're headed to Cedar Point for some roller coaster madness! :w00t:

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