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This Friday is an easy one, but a very important one. At least I think it is.

The other day I was querying people about patches and Service Packs. I asked about SQL Server 2005, SP3, since we've had quite a few cumulative updates and issues with SP2. I expected that there would be an SP3 coming soon (SP2 was in Feb 2007) that would be more heavily tested, correct the issues from SP2, and be a stable release. Hopefully without an SP3a!

Imagine my surprise when I was told there was no SP3 coming. (<disbelief>What? Huh?</disbelief>)

I asked and was told that customers aren't asking for SP3. That's the feedback to the product groups; that customers haven't been asking for patches to fix problems. So I'm asking the question:

Do You Want SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3

My feeling is that most people out there, most Microsoft customers, wait for Service Packs, test them with their own applications, and roll them out if they prove stable. My guess is that most vendors also heavily test Service Packs, not cumulative updates. My feeling is that everyone out there is expecting SP3 and doesn't think they need to ask.

My answer is "YES!!" (expletives removed). I want SP3 for SQL Server 2005.

And I want SP5 for SQL Server 2000. If you're ending support this year, the least you can do it roll up all the QFEs/GDRs/Hotfixes that have been built for SQL Server 2000, test them, and roll out an SP5. Heck, SP4 had issues from the go with AWE.

If you don't release SP5, or an SP3, it looks to me that you've essentially ended support for SQL Server 2000 already.

I understand the need to move forward. I don't like the pace or structure in place, but I get you need to make money. However we've also paid you money and you've agreed that it comes with a support lifecycle. So give us that support and release the Service Packs we've grown to expect.

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