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It's a holiday in the US today, where we celebrate Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone out there is having a great holiday and for those of you actually reading this today, I hope you're outside the US and not stuck at work.

A quick note since I'm not actually here. For the last 12 years we've had relatives come visit us almost every year. It's been kind of a tradition that my wife and her sisters cook dinner and I don't :). In the past, I've cooked most other nights.

However with no relatives coming this year, we decided to take the family skiing at Breckenridge in the Colorado mountains. So hopefully there's lots of snow, it's not too cold, and we're sliding up and down the mountain as you read this.

Thanksgiving for us has had the tradition of everyone going around the table at dinner and telling what they're thankful for. So whether you're at work or not today, take a moment and think about the good things in your life. The things you enjoy and appreciate. You don't have to share, but do yourself the favor of a few moments of reflection about your life.

And hopefully a smile will appear.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Steve Jones

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Robin Stine

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Today's podcast features music by the beautiful, jazzy, Robin Stine. Check her music out at www.robinstine.com.

I really appreciate and value feedback on the podcasts. Let us know what you like, don't like, or even send in ideas for the show. If you'd like to comment, post something here. The boss will be sure to read it.


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