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What's Fair

If you read my recent editorial called Get Some Help, you realize that I didn't get any World Series tickets from the sale on the Colorado Rockie's web site. Not to berate the subject, but some friends and I had an interesting debate on how the situation was handled and what could be done differently.


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Will the next version of Windows be a "Mini-Me" version of Vista? Who knows, and it's too early to tell, but apparently there's a mini-kernel version of Windows 7, the one after Vista, which fits into 25MB on disk. That's a touch lower than the 4GB that Vista takes up. Granted it's not a full […]


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Get Some Help

The vast majority of us never work on high volume systems. And I mean high volume systems, like backing a web server that gets millions of hits in a few minutes, which might result in tens of millions of database queries in the same amount of time.

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A Matter of Degree

So we had an interesting debate on college degrees and how much weight to give them in an interview recently. Near the end someone mentioned they were curious what types of degrees people had as well as those the worked with. There were some interesting comments, and I decided that this might make a nice Friday poll.


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Working with PASS

I joined PASS in 1999 and attended the inaugural Summit in Chicago. It was in the lower level of a hotel just on the river, I went to the last White Sox game of the year, and got to see Kalen Delaney speak about this newly released SQL Server 7.


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An Hour in Time

Daylight Savings time switches a little later this year. In fact it's November 4th this year, after having been in October for all of my life. In case you don't remember which way we move the clocks, here's a saying: Spring forward, fall back.

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