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Exceptional DBA Awards

No, this isn't a horse handicapping lesson, but more of a request that you take a few minutes and help us choose the Exceptional DBA for 2008.

We helped sponsor a contest, in conjunction with Red Gate Software who own this site, to find who are the exceptional DBAs out there deserving some recognition for not only doing their jobs, but also helping provide a great example for others on how to handle the challenges of their profession.

I was involved in judging the 100 or so entries we received, along with a number of others, and we've narrowed the field to 5 finalists. We've now opened up the voting to the SQLServerCentral.com community to pick the overall winner, who will receive a paid trip to the PASS Summit and be awarded a trophy at the SQLServerCentral.com party on Tuesday night, November 18th.

FYI, if you want to see the awards and are coming to PASS, use the SSC6 registration code to get save $100 and get a ticket to the party, or purchase a ticket through Paypal if you have already registered or used another code.

The idea for the awards was based on a book by SQL Server MVP Brad McGahee, How to be an Exceptional DBA, which draws from Brad's experience in the database world over many years. As judges, it is hard to come up with a definite set of criteria, but at least for me, it was more of a feel based on the types of accomplishments listed and the answers to various questions. It's almost like picking a leader: you're not sure what specifically your criteria is, but you know one when you see one.

So take a moment and read through our finalists entries and …


While the judges have narrowed the field, we'd like to have some input from the rest of you out there and let you decide which of the final 5 should get a free trip to PASS. So take a moment and choose who you think is the Exceptional DBA of 2008.

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