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Labor Day 2011


The first Monday in September was a marker of the end of summer when I was a kid. School in Virginia often started the Tuesday after Labor Day, which let me know that it was time to go back to work. These days in Colorado, my kids start in mid-August and have been through three weeks of school by the time the holiday arrives.

Most of us are laborers, albeit in a relatively comfortable office and doing a job that requires more mental than physical effort. Our labor drives companies forward, and enables them to get other work done. The vast majority of us aren't a part of a union, but I think it's good that we get a holiday, a last chance to perhaps relax with our families in warm weather and enjoy the outdoors.

If you aren't working today, hopefully you're also not reading this or checking email. Enjoy your time off and relax away from the computer. If you're working, hopefully I can bring a smile to your face with the blooper reel below.

Steve Jones

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