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IT and Musicians?


From WikipeidiaThroughout the course of my IT career, I have noticed something peculiar; a lot of IT people seem to also be musicians. And they seem to be more commonly musicians than anything else (other than video game players).

I have been a musician for over a decade and have found many similarities between IT and musicianship. (I write in detail about it in "Computer Programming in termz of Musical Composition.") This got me wondering if the skills that make us proficient at our technical work translate somehow to music - or visa versa.

Perhaps an attention to detail and structure make programmers natural musicians. Perhaps an affinity for problem solving transalates well into both music and performance tuning. Perhaps thinking in patterns and mathematically is the key (after all, so much of music is math, which explains why many mathematicians are also musicians). Or perhaps IT people simply turn to the creative, free-wheeling nature of music to escape from the exacting rigor of technical work.

Of course, it can't hurt that the explosion of the home studio is powered by the personal computer.

Do my experiences strike a chord with you?

Are you a musician or composer? Perhaps you know a musician or three working in IT?

And what, if anything, ties the extreme technicality of IT to the artsy berth of music?


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