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Enjoy Christmas Eve


It's the morning before Christmas and all through the office, I'm sure you are all working diligently to close things down before the one day that almost everyone can count on having off each year.

Actually I'm sure most people have a half day of work today and so they're just checking on the bare minimum, perhaps getting ready for an office party, just watching the clock and hoping the boss lets you go an hour or four early today. That's what most of my Christmas Eve's have been like in an office, and likely I'm checking email, answering a few posts, and taking it easy today as well.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or something else, this is the holiday time of year and I hope you remember to enjoy it. Enjoy the things in your life that are special, that are important, and that you appreciate. Remember the good things that have happened this year, and be sure to remember just how lucky you are in life.

The holidays are typically a time when family comes together, and I hope that my kids realize just how lucky they are and how special life can be. I doubt they really understand and assume Dad is just talking to talk, and I can only hope that they realize later on in life that they were luckier in life than most people on this Earth.

So enjoy this day, don't change anything before Christmas break, and I've got some laughs for you with the Christmas blooper reel.

Steve Jones

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