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spam kingI get lots of SPAM in my mailbox every day. Actually I get lots of newsletters, notes, complaints, requests, shopping offers, and more that are legitimate, though overwhelming, emails, but I still get a decent amount of SPAM every day. It's somewhat annoying, but it's also akin to what comes in my snail-mail box and I can deal with it.

I know most people feel differently and would do almost anything to somehow avoid the glut of email that clogs their inboxes. However rather than get upset or annoyed, it might be worth just clicking that black "X" on your email client a few times a day and moving on.

No matter what you do, I'm sure that once in awhile you'll open an email. It might be on accident, or you might be lured by some creative subject, but in any case, I thought this might make a fun poll for this Friday:

What's the most creative SPAM subject?

I have to say the one that almost got me to open it was "Get paid to give your opinion on beer" 🙂

It came one day and I had to preview it, no pictures, just to see what was involved, after all, it might have been a legitimate offer I wanted to take advantage of! I almost sent it to Tony Davis, my co-editor, but I thought he might actually click on it, give them any information they wanted and infect the entire Red Gate network.

In any case, let us know what you liked. Maybe the Nigerian government official or the lottery winning notification email.

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