Cloud Native

Steve Jones, 2019-04-12

The cloud is an amorphous thing that isn’t well defined, but we do know that there are various types of services (IaaS, PaaS, Saas) that many of the cloud vendors offer. While IaaS is the easiest platform on which to move our software applications, it is fundamentally limited and lacks the scalability of the other services.
PaaS systems offer the largest opportunity for systems that scale up and down, allowing the ability to meet workloads while ensuring cost savings by reducing resources when times are slower. To use PaaS, we often need to rewrite code to be cloud native as most on-premises applications do not run smoothly in the cloud. This often entails different code structure, connection handling, and other technical details in the software development.
There is continued pressure to move both application code and databases to the cloud, often because of financial advantages. There can be a cost savings by reducing resource loads, as well as changing from capital to operational costs. Today I’m curious how many of you are moving to the cloud, whether wholesale or in a limited fashion.
If you are moving any systems to the cloud, are you rewriting software to be cloud native? Or are you trying to lift and shift systems into an IaaS infrastructure? Do your teams think there is an advantage in rewriting code to take advantage of the cloud or is it too much work and effort? If you are moving to the cloud, are you doing any work to change and improve your database code. After all, a more efficient database will matter in the pay-for-use model.





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