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Today is the official launch for SQL Server 2008, along with Windows 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. The

Heroes Happen {here} event takes place in Los Angeles, CA and you can attend the virtual event if you aren't in LA for the event.

There are also Heroes {Community} Launch events all around the US and the world. If you're interested, check them out and register for an event near you. If nothing else, you can grab some swag and update your T-shirt collection for another year. I'll be at the March 20, Denver event, so look me up if you're there.

Now this is mainly a marketing event, a chance for Microsoft to celebrate the completion of two products and the ongoing work being put into the last one. We won't mention which one. There are chances to learn a few things, but mostly this is a chance to get some free stuff, get away from the office, and have a good time with friends and colleagues from other local businesses. I know I get to see a few people at these events that I rarely see elsewhere, so it's fun to get out for a day.

I enjoy conferences and events and I do learn things here and there, it's often from other people at the events. Someone might give me a tip or trick, or mention some cool product they're using. You hear ideas and thoughts about how other DBAs and developers solve problems, and you might even make contacts that can help you get consulting or other help for your employer.

However for the most part I think events like this are a great way to recharge yourself. You get out of the office, break up the routine, walk around, get some free stuff, and mostly create a huge change of pace for your brain.

And that's the biggest benefit. As much as we all work, and as stressed as things can get, finding time to recharge is hard. Events like this are a great, and inexpensive way, for you and your company to take a break. I know that there's the worry you might network with someone and find another job, but if you're thinking about another job, preventing you from attending a conference or event isn't going to stop that.

Besides, all work and no play make all of us dull, burnt out, and less focused. Moving away from work, even for something as silly as a marketing event, is a way to learn a few things, talk about technology, and have fun for a change.

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