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How to Create Ten 200GB Test Databases in 60 Seconds

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In a recent survey run SQL Server Central, 58% of respondents admitted that their test database is an exact copy of their production database. Many of these respondents concede that they should be removing sensitive data, but aren’t. It seems that the desire to have realistic data will, for many, trump the requirement to keep sensitive data out of development and test environments. In this blog post, Redgate's Jason Crease introduces the new 'SQL Instant Clone' and explains how it could help.


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Writing to Clones

I run this code on SQL Server 2019:

DBCC CLONEDATABASE(imdb, imdb_dev)
I then change to the cloned database, imdb_dev, and run some queries. I then run this code while testing:
INSERT dbo.Title (TitleID, Title, DateReleased) VALUES (3234, 'Maestro', '2023')
What happens?

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