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SQL Server CREATE TABLE syntax diagrams

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Many of us have seen, on MSDN, the heading 'Syntax', followed by a rash of nested brackets and keywords, enough to put off the most resolute of code-cutters. However, there is a goldmine of information there, and Phil had an ambition to get at it, and share the gold. The result is this article, full of railroad diagrams.


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RE: Permissions in sql server 2000 (URGENT)

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Hi Sheilish,Only once did I need to get around the limitation of this "dco" security scheme regarding identity_insert where I required strict accountability of the sequential identity numbers (for 1 table in 1 application).If you need to do this you can custom code around it as follows.  Unfortunately I don't have a generic solution since […]


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RE: Restoring Database Problems

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A message box appears to me , only with this...Microsoft SQL-DMO(ODBC SQLState : 42000 )An internal consistency error occcurred. Contact Techinal Support for assistance.Backup and restore operation terminally abnormally.ok button...I tried to restore a backup from disk, but the file was restored from a tape.


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RE: T-SQL and Microsoft Query

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That message is OK to ignore.  It just means that Query analyzer can't display it in the Query By Example (QBE) area.  The CASE statements are too complex for it to represent.You'll get similar messages if you create UNION queries, and often if you're doing pivot/crosstab type queries.  The query will most likely run ok since […]


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RE: Problem with Linked Server

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Thanks for the link to further details on how to set this up. As it turns out, security on the objects in the Access database were not being enforced. I was able to map to 'Admin' with a NULL password without having to point to the system.mdw file in the registry.CSDunn



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