Data in Motion and Data at Rest

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Microsoft (StreamInsight), and Azure Stream Analytics represent a very different model for processing data. They are concerned with processing complex event streams of data (CEPs) from such things as sensors to deduce significant patterns and apply filters. Joe Celko discusses the background to an intriguing technology of complex event processing to establish the difference between data at rest, and data on the move.


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When does a Tumbling Window Start in StreamInsight

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Whilst getting some courseware ready I was playing around writing some code and I decided to very simply show when a window starts and ends based on you asking for a TumblingWindow of n time units in StreamInsight. I thought this was going to be a two second thing but what I found was something I haven’t yet found documented anywhere until now.


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Mouse Clicks, Reactive Extensions and StreamInsight Mashup

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I had an hour spare this afternoon so I wanted to have another play with Reactive Extensions in .Net and StreamInsight. I also didn’t want to simply use a console window as a way of gathering events so I decided to use a windows form instead. The task I set myself was this. Whenever I click on my form I want to subscribe to the event and output its location to the console window and also the timestamp of the event.


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Stairway to Streaminsight

Stairway to StreamInsight

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Microsoft StreamInsight™ is designed to assist in developing Complex Event Processing (CEP) applications in .NET This is appropriate for stream sources tsuch as those in manufacturing applications or financial trading applications. StreamInsight provides the means to monitor, manage, and mine several sources simultaneously for conditions,trends, exceptions, opportunities, and defects almost instantly. It is ideal for performing low-latency analytics on the events and triggering response actions, and for mining historical data to continuously refine and improve definitions of alerting conditions. Johan provides a simple explanation of the system in a series of practical articles.

2011-02-17 (first published: )

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Linqpad and Autocompletion

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I have mentioned before about doing development for StreamInsight in Linqpad. I have it installed on two separate PCs and I have enabled autocompletion on only one of them. Whilst both versions are an excellent tool, the one with autocompletion enabled is so much easier to use. After enabling autocompletion you can see I now get parameter listing


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Linqpad and StreamInsight

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Slightly before the announcement of StreamInsight being available for Linqpad I downloaded it from here. I had seen Roman Schindlauer demonstrate it at Teched and it looked a really good tool to do some StreamInsight dev. You will need .Net 4.0 and StreamInsight installed.


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SQL Profiler Through StreamInsight Sample Solution

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In this postI show how you can use StreamInsight to take events coming from SQL Server Profiler in real-time and do some analytics whilst the data is in flight. Here is the solution for that post. The download contains Project that reads events from a previously recorded trace file Project that starts a trace and captures events in real-time from a custom trace definition file (Included) It is a very simple solution and could be extended.


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Issuing Current Time Increments in StreamInsight (A Practical Example)

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The issuing of a Current Time Increment, Cti, in StreamInsight is very definitely one of the most important concepts to learn if you want your Streams to be responsive. A full discussion of how to issue Ctis is beyond the scope of this article but a very good explanation in addition to Books Online can be found in these three articles by a member of the StreamInsight team at Microsoft, Ciprian Gerea.


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Streaming Profiler Data Through StreamInsight

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Using the Trace Management objects API it is possible to capture the events happening on SQL Server or indeed Analysis Services. I got to thinking that this would be a good thing to stream out in real time in StreamInsight and do some analysis “In Flight”. So here is a short video of me doing just that.


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