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Decrypt Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers

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This SP will decrypt Stored Procedures, Views or Triggers that were encrypted using "with encryption" There are 2 versions: one for SP's only and the other one for SP's, triggers and views version 1: INPUT: object name (stored procedure, view or trigger) version 2: INPUT: object name (stored procedure, view or trigger), object type('T'-trigger, 'P'-stored […]

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123 TSQL functions

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This is a collection of 123 TSQL functions for professional, academic or learning purposes. There are many conversions hexadecimal/octal/binary/Roman numerals, mathematical functions such as hyperbolic, logic and trigonometric. Combinatorial functions such as combinations, permutations (factorial), arrangements. Other interesting functions include turning a number into plain English, Morse code, EBCDIC and vice-versa, Levenshtein Distance (linguistics), encryption, […]


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Find SA password with public role-perm test DBA

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Find SA Password (Brute Force) with Public RoleFindSApublic is a brute-force password cracker that requires only public role.Possibilities  returns how many different passwords are possible with 1 up to c characters from a universe of n different characters.Usage:FindSApublic nN is an integer which is the maximum length of the password to attempt cracking.Acknowledgmentsoriginal idea: David […]


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Get BCP out for all tables in a DB

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           The script mentioned below will export data in all tables into textfiles to a physical path on your system using BCP utility from a Database. The sql commands used in this stored procedure are BCP utility,Identity function and temporary tables.    Here you required to give 4 input parameters, they […]


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Daily Coping 21 Sep 2020


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Daily Coping 18 Sep 2020


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Optimize for Unknown for Inline Table-Valued Functions


I had a curious performance issue today. An inline table-valued function (iTVF) was performing...

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